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6 speed transmission noise  


Warren Cheng
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October 22, 2018 1:05 pm  

My car had been making noise from the trans tunnel for about a year now. It sounded like parts scraping each other internal of the trans, flywheel area but not a grinding sound. It comes after I hit bumpy roads or when I make a hard right turn. It goes away after I make a hard left. It just comes and goes which made me not wanting to drive the car as much. I gathered that it is not internal problem with the trans as it seems to be related to the movement of the drive train. At first, I suspect broken engine mounts but they checked out ok. Next suspect would be the trans mount but it cannot be readily seen. Finally I ordered a new trans mount and got under the car this past weekend. After unbolting everything, the trans mount was not broken. However, I did noticed the trans mounting bracket to the underside of the car can be moved slightly. The four mounting bolts take a 13 mm socket and the four bolt holes at the trans bracket are at least twice the diameter of the four bolts. Even if all four bolts are torqued down, it can slide against the frame of the car by at least 1/4" or so if enough weight is against it. The only thing I can think of why the Dodge engineers did this is to allow easier alignment of the bolts to mounting holes at the frame of the car. Since I got the stuffs apart, I changed out to the new trans rubber mount and added 1.5" long sleeves made from some 5/16" fuel hose I have over the four bolts to take up some of the slacks. It line up with the mounting holes ok with some muscling the trans bracket a little. This seems to do the trick and the noise is gone even I tried to replicate the problem by driving over bumps and making hard turns. I am very pleased with this after a year of putting up with it (laziness on my part). I took the car out for a long drive down to the south bay and back. It felt solid, nice and smooth like it was new. If anyone experience this problem, give it a try. I might be the only one that experienced this problem as I could not find anything on the web. 

Kevin Jaeger
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October 22, 2018 2:57 pm  

Thank you for the information. I have not heard of that issue. Glad you were able to isolate it to those bolts and bracket and let us know via forum. I have a feeling as the years go on, we will need to have good communication regarding issues that will affect every model as the mileage grows. My 2013 SRT 8 driveline makes some noise and I have had the center support bearing replaced under warranty. I need to get it looked at again as well.  My passenger seat had roller bearings fall out of the seat track area. Had to have whole seat track unit replaced recently. Drivers seat (electric) track was also replaced due to rough/ stall/ jerky operation. Luckily, all was under warranty.