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Happy Thanksgiving and belated veterans day  

Kevin Jaeger
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Good evening.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and to say we have a lot to be thankful for.  Also, a belated veterans day to fellow veterans and thank you for your service.  With the war still going on let's remember those military men and woman deployed overseas and their families left behind to maintain the homefront. 

We also have numerous people without homes, clothes and food this year as we have had numerous fires in our areas. Let us not forget them. They will be needing any assistance anyone can give. 

Enjoy your time off and your families.

Have a great day.

Alan Candito
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I also want to wish all NCC members a happy Thanksgiving. As Kevin said, Never Forget our great military personal past and present, and all those in need after these horrific fires. The stories may leave the news front, but there will be much to do for years to come....The Tubbs, Atlas, and Nuns fires last year in Napa, as well as the Carr fire earlier this year in Santa Rosa, remind me that no matter if you live in a neighborhood lined with streets or in the foothills, we are all vulnerable to tragedy. I know that this Thanksgiving I'll be more present in my conversations, and hugging my family just a little bit tighter. AC